WHITE BIRCH - The Best Whitening Toothpaste

Professional Teeth Whitening - At Home.

The first SLS-free, fluoride-free, Activated "White-Charcoal" Whitening Toothpaste that is safe and effective for every day use. Get away from abrasive and messy black charcoal and start using our gentle, white-charcoal dental whitening toothpaste.

- No Artificial dyes
- Free of SLS/sulfates
- No Artificial sweeteners/flavors
- No Microbeads
- No Triclosan
- No Gluten
- Non GMO


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White Birch Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste delivers more whitening power than traditional whitening toothpastes. Its unique cream-like consistency and quick foaming action allows it to penetrate all areas of your mouth leaving you with whiter teeth and clean fresh breath.

Experience up to 2 shades of whiter teeth in just 14 days.

White Birch Whitening Toothpaste - See Real Results

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See what our loyal fans are saying about their White Birch experience!

Jane L.

I’m impressed at how clean, smooth and shiny my teeth look and feel! The consistency of the paste is not only smooth but brushes on evenly without leaving my mouth with that sharp, spicy burn many other toothpastes leave. 

Deborah D.

I like the idea of using charcoal for whitening but can't get over how messy it is. I was so excited to see it come in a WHITE version! This toothpaste not only whitens but leaves my mouth feeling minty fresh and clean. No more messy black sinks for me!

Alexa A.

This toothpaste is AMAZING! Not only does it whiten your teeth, it keeps them clean all day. I used to use drugstore toothpaste and by the end of the day, I had so much plaque accumulated, it was like I never brushed. After using this in the morning, my teeth are smooth and clean all day! 

Paige W.

I started using White Birch 1 month before my wedding and saw the most amazing results. I felt so confident on my wedding day and my teeth are glowing in all of the photos. Highly recommend for brides to be!

Chris M.

Finally, a charcoal toothpaste that’s isn’t a black mess! I’ve been looking for an alternative to the current charcoal toothpaste on the market for quite some time, White Birch hits it out of the park. I’ve used some of the other black charcoal toothpaste out there but they are a mess, staining your sinks and leaving black residue in your mouth. White Birch has a great consistency and gives you the benefit of the charcoal additive. Overall a great product leaving your mouth minty and fresh.