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Avoid the Black Mess

White Birch beautifies your smile and transforms routine brushing into a rewarding ritual. Now the ultimate oral care experience delivers ultimate results. Developed by dentists and clinically proven, White Birch Activated White-Charcoal oral whitening toothpaste brightens your smile two shades whiter in 14 days. Our patent-pending formulation of white activated charcoal—extracted from the white birch trees of Japan—creates a quick foaming action that penetrates all areas of your mouth. It gently removes stains, polishes teeth, detoxifies, and freshens your mouth. Start and end each day with a beautiful reason to smile, the White Birch experience.


White Birch Activated White Charcoal Toothpaste
White Birch Activated White Charcoal Toothpaste

50 Years of Experience

Elevate your oral routine and discover your most luminous smile. Our family of dentists and health professionals conceived of White Birch to deliver rejuvenating oral care you will enjoy. We feel tremendous satisfaction in improving your health and lifestyle. So we reimagined whitening with our vast clinical expertise.

The products we develop deliver proven results and safety, and we only use healthy ingredients from natural sources. Like our namesake white birch charcoal is derived from the white birch trees of Japan and renowned for its whitening properties. White Birch is your smile, perfected.

Our Natural Smart Ingredients

This is our signature ingredient that will only be found in White Birch Toothpaste.  Our Activated White Charcoal is made from white birch trees imported from Japan.  Once in the USA, we then use a proprietary method to further bake the Activated Black Charcoal from White Birch trees and create our patent-pending Activated White Charcoal.  Our natural Activated White Charcoal is very porous, which makes it a great adsorbent and gentle abrasive.

Is derived from Calcium Salts. Calcium peroxide is a two system whitening ingredient in White Birch Toothpaste.  It is almost insoluble in water and can serve as a superior gentle abrasive and as an oxidant to enhance the whiteness of teeth. As calcium peroxide breaks down in the saliva, the remaining calcium salts can be used as a source of calcium for teeth remineralization.

Is a commonly gathered natural seaweed that we use to thicken our toothpaste.

Is naturally grown in parts of Southern Arizona, Southern California, and Northwestern Mexico.  Jojoba oil is the liquid produced in the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) plant.  Jojoba oil (wax) is an edible ingredient we use in White Birch Toothpaste to polish and create that shiny gloss you desire for your teeth.

It is naturally derived from Silica, an abundant compound found in the earth's surface.  Hydrated Silica is used to thicken our toothpaste and as a gentle abrasive to clean the teeth.

Is the "foaming agent" we use in White Birch that removes debris and particles from the teeth.  It is a surfactant that is derived from coconut oil.

Is a naturally occurring mineral-based white pigment that provides our toothpaste with its rich color.  White Birch is a natural product that does not have any synthetic dye.

Is made from the essential oils of peppermint leaves.  It is the organic flavoring we use for the minty fresh taste of White Birch Toothpaste.

Is primarily used in our toothpaste as a moistener (humectant).   Glycerin is an odorless, colorless, thick liquid that is sweet-tasting, and non-toxic.  It gives our toothpaste body and prevents it from drying out.  Our particular glycerin is vegetable glycerin.  It creates a texture to White Birch that is pleasant tasting and feeling. It is Kosher as well!

Is a wonderful sugar that evidence suggests reduces the incidence of cavities.  Xylitol is used in our products for cavity prevention and sweetening.