Not happy with the results of your current teeth whitening method? Want to safely and effectively achieve maximum teeth whiteness at home? The Dentists behind White Birch®, the world’s first White Charcoal Whitening toothpaste, are introducing a new Whitening serum to be used with its unique whitening toothpaste. This powerful whitening serum contains professional-strength hydrogen peroxide along with our signature ingredient Activated White Charcoal, combined with a desensitizer and natural flavors.


When combined with our clinically tested White Birch® Whitening Toothpaste, expect a 4 to 6 shade brightening result in two weeks when used twice a day, brushing for two minutes at a time. This serum is conveniently layered on top of your toothpaste with one pump and acts as a powerful whitening booster.

“Our patented activated white charcoal, infused with powerful whitening ingredients, delivers results originally thought only could be achieved in a dental office.”
—Andrew Frangella, DDS

  • Uses the World’s 1st White Charcoal to absorb & remove tough stains
  • 85% faster than strips and trays
  • Very powerful whitener with professional strength Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 4-minute daily application is combined with morning/nightly brushing routine
  • No strips, no trays
  • No sensitivity
  • Less complicated and less time-consuming than other at-home whitening products
  • 4 to 6 shades brighter smile in 14 days without paying hundreds of dollars
  • Can be used safely with crowns and veneers
  • Convenient easy application without messy syringes, custom trays or strips


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