White Birch® Professional Teeth Whitening Kit


Powerful Whitening, Safely Created by Dentists.

Brighter, Whiter Smile Every Time you Brush.

You receive one White Birch® toothpaste + one White Birch® Whitening  Serum in our Professional Teeth Whitening System. Together these whitening tools powerfully wipe away years of stains and protect against new ones forming. 

Developed by a family of dentists and a team of scientists, the White Birch® Teeth Whitening Serum is a proprietary blend of professional-strength hydrogen peroxide combined with our exclusive White Birch® Activated White Charcoal.

Our safe and highly effective serum formula works with toothpaste so you can conveniently whiten while performing your daily brushing routine.  Simply apply the White Birch® Teeth Whitening Serum with 1 pump on top of your toothpaste.

85% faster than White Strips. No Strips, No Trays.  It works immediately to adsorb stains and whiten your teeth for a healthier smile.

This powerful whitening serum is formulated to safely brighten teeth 6 shades lighter* for a healthy white glow, while freshening breath. 

*Results may vary. Whitening levels start on an average shade of A3,  based on the Vita shade guide.

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