White Birch - The best whitening toothpaste


  • Can be too abrasive for daily use. Many go untested for enamel safety.
  • Can cause enamel abrasion and tooth sensitivity.
  • Black particles can embed in gums and cause irritation and gum discoloration with regular use.
  • Usually comes in powder form, which adds an extra step to your oral hygiene routine.
  • Difficult to measure and makes a mess of the bathroom with every use.



  • First WHITE activated charcoal scientifically tested enamel-safe for daily use.
  • Low abrasion value. Our RDA value is just 45/200.
  • Safe for sensitive teeth. Smaller non-invasive particles don’t damage enamel or stick in teeth & gums.
  • Comes in a familiar cream form with fresh natural peppermint oil.
  • Natural ingredients create quick foaming action safely cleans in between teeth, no particle residue.
  • Made with jojoba oil which protects and prevent future stains from forming.
  • No bathroom mess easily keeps your teeth bright & freshens breath naturally.