Proper Oral Hygiene for Healthy, White Teeth

One of the most important things to getting your teeth looking best is to keep them healthy to start. Improper oral hygiene and care can be leading to your disappointment in your smile. You may not be removing plaque properly while brushing, which can lead to plaque and tartar build up. Once plaque or tartar has accumulated on the teeth, you may not be able to remove it at home on your own with a standard toothbrush. These areas of the teeth will be resident to whitening until the plaque or tarter is removed. Which means it may be time to give your favorite hygienist a call.

 Areas of decay may also be leading to your unhappiness with your smile. When a cavity is present it can leave brown spots on your teeth which will not whiten with whitening treatments.

It is important to see your regular dentist twice a year for routine dental check ups and cleanings. They will remove all the plaque and tartar from your teeth while also diagnosing if you have cavities that need to be treated. After you have completed these treatments it is the optimal time for whitening your teeth. Adding in a good electric toothbrush is also a great aid. They have many features built in that help to make sure you are brushing correctly and for the correct amount of time. It can help prevent plaque accumulation and keep your teeth white. 

Using White Birch Whitening Toothpaste daily will also help with your oral hygiene.